Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ranger Ink. and ICE Resin - Halloween Project #2

Hey Peeps, this post comes just in time for you to start making all your own "killer" Halloween accessories! I'm using the ever so awesome goodies from Ranger Ink, Tim Holtz Idea-ology and ICE Resin!!

Enjoy getting your spooky on!!! 

Packing Tape
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Baroque Frames
ICE Resin
ICE Resin mixing cups and stir sticks
Nitrile Gloves
Halloween Rub-Ons
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Adornments in Spiders & Crossbones
Ranger Alcohol Inks in Cranberry and Gold
Distress Splatter Tool 
*Chain or Beads or Additional Charms if you wish to make this a necklace

 Cover the entire back side of the baroque frame with packing tape. Place on top of a Ranger Craft Sheet or plastic trash bag
Put on your Nitrile gloves (safety first)
Mix up a small batch of ICE Resin following instructions on box 
 Slowly pour the resin into the baroque frame...don't over fill, should be just enough to meet the wall of the oval inner frame - allow to cure per instructions on box
 Once your pieces are cured, pick out your rub on and cut it out
 Place rub-on atop the cured resin and rub on with popsicle stick
Once rub on is in place, get a sense for where you'd like your adornments to go. Set aside once you're done designing.
Drip on a couple drops of alcohol ink
Turn the piece to the side and blow to get the red alcohol ink to burst out...spooooky!
Using your Distress Splatter Brush, splatter on a bit of gold alcohol ink
allow the alcohol ink to dry thoroughly...5 minutes was good for me

Put on your Nitrile gloves - always a staple when working with resin <wink>
Mix up a small batch of ICE Resin, following all mixing instructions from the packaging. Drizzle (with your stir stick) the resin over your pieces carefully. You do not need much.

As you can see the charms are staying put, you do not need to glue those down prior to your resin application...ICE Resin is magic!!!
Allow these to cure for 6 to 8 hours
Once cured, go ahead and add your beads or chain and additional charms and voile! You've got your own KILLER accessories for Halloween!!
You'll look Spooktacular!


  1. Thank you for this great tutorial! Was wondering where you found the Halloween rub-on - haven't been able to find them.


    1. Hi there! So glad you're enjoying the tut! There are two versions of the Halloween rub-ons. The first link is the one I used, but the second has the same, just a bit smaller.

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