Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ranger Ink. and ICE Resin Guest Designer - Fall Project #1

As many of you know, I was on the ICE Resin design team a couple years back.  I loved my design work with them, and miss being on a DT team like crazy.  So, when Jen Cushman asked if I was interested in doing a guest spot for Ranger Inc. and ICE Resin, I said heck yah!  I got a really delish box of goodies, and I gave myself a bit of time to think hard on what I wanted to design. My first thought was that the project HAD to be Fall themed, so I got started, and this is what came of my play time!  I so hope you enjoy the free project, and feel free to leave comments or questions if you have any! 
Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Fall Themed
Dry Erase Board

Free Tutorial:

  Paint the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Framed Panel with Distress Paint in Wild Honey. Once dry, pencil in a line around the inner part of the frame...
 Line up your stencil with the line drawn above
*the stencil is from Tim Holtz mini stencil packs #4
Using Ranger Texture Paste in opaque white, run a thin coat thru stencil with your palette knife and allow to dry
 ...it should look like this
 Grab a sheet of the Distress Woodgrain cardstock and tear into two corners
 Line up in the corners to make sure you like the way they line up with the frame and stenciled texture
 Paint the woodgrain cardstock with Distress Paint in Walnut Stain
 Once texture is dry, sand it to achieve your desired finish, wipe clean of any dust
 Paint a second coat on the back board and over the newly stenciled texture
 ...allow to dry
 With a paper towel handy, paint (in sections) the Distress Paint in Walnut Stain over and around your stenciled texture and all around the frame to achieve an antique quality. As your painting sections wipe away the brown paint quickly. If the brown is over powering your project, dilute the brown with a bit of water.
 ...should look a bit like this
 Once the woodgrain cardstock is dry, sand gently to achieve the two tone effect. Your wood grain should be totally clear now...cool huh!?!
 Using matte medium glue down your woodgrain pieces
 Once the woodgrain pieces have dried to the back piece, spray a combo of all three Distress Mica Sprays. They give the yummiest finish and look AWESOME under resin!
 Hard to see just how pretty the mica finish is, but it's NOT to be missed!
 Die cut a bunch of leaves with Fall colored Distress Paper using the Tim Holtz Alterations Tattered Leaves die
Crinkle up the leaves and distress with a combo of Distress Inks in Black Soot, Crushed Olive and Tea Dye
 Place your leaves in a position that you like and with your phone, take a quick pic. This will help you later to place them where you want, after they've been covered in resin.
 Spray your leaves with the Distress Mica Sprays and allow to dry
 Cover your work surface with a large trash bag, put on some Nitrile gloves and mix up a full cup of ICE Resin, follow all instructions for mixing.
On top of your trash bag, pour a pretty thick coat of ICE Resin atop your board and frame. I did not glue the two together, as ICE Resin would do the glue'ing for me <wink>.  Set this aside
 Paint each leaf, front and back, with a coat of ICE Resin
Place each leaf where you would like them to go. It's ok if they don't lay flat, the ICE Resin will do it's magic!
After the leaves are placed (and the resin is still wet), cover some acorns with Distress Glitter Dust using matte medium
 Place your acorns where you want them to go and carefully pour a bit more resin to secure to the project
...aint' it puuuuuuurdy?! 
*See the metal hardware, it was an after thought and it's the Idea-ology Nail Heads

 ...allow to cure the fully
Now that your project is done, you can scribble away on this beauty with a dry-erase marker!! Yes, you read right...because we covered the surface with ICE Resin, we made it dry-erase friendly! Yippee.

Enjoy & Happy Fall!!!



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