Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kristen Robinson and Ruth Rae April Workshops

The Story As Told

With Kristen Robinson and Ruth Rae
When: April 17, 2005 6-9pm
Where: Intrepid Thread, hosted by Lexi Grenzer
1709 S. Main St., Milpitas, CA 95035

There is something quite magical about old books and the stories locked within them. Join Kristen and Ruth as they walk you through creating this wee little etched metal book with a plethora of secrets locked within. To top things off a custom bale created with etched metal as well as a wee little birds nest will be composed to finish the tale.

Please Note – All metal will be etched for you ahead of time, as time will not permit us to do so in class. Kristen and Ruth will provide etching instructions to anyone that is new to etching.

Kit Includes:
Etched Metal
Etched Bale
Silk Ribbon
Pearls and Crystals
Book Text
Please Bring:
Flat Nose Pliers (or forming pliers Kristen will have these for sale as well)
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters
Tin Snips

Bench Block and Bench Pillow
Metal Jewelry File

Sweet Bliss – Plaster and Wax Collage

With Kristen Robinson and Ruth Rae

Where: Intrepid Thread, hosted by Lexi Grenzer
When: April 18, 2005 10-5pm
1709 S. Main St., Milpitas, CA 95035

Plaster and wax do not sound as though they are perfect together or sweet by nature; however there is no doubt they truly are just that. Join Kristen and Ruth as they teach you an innovative and very charming way to integrate wax, plaster, paint and cardboard to create a lovely piece of art. Different styles and samples are sure to inspire you to leap out of your current creative box and delve right into an entirely new realm of artistic fun! Everyone will leave class with at least one completed piece.

Kit Includes:
Plaster Wrap
Fabric Scraps

Please Bring:
Scissors – These Should Not be Your Best Scissors As They Are for Plaster Wrap
Acrylic Paint
            - Assorted Colors of Your Choice In Your Palette (at least three)
            - Crème Acrylic Paint
#2 Pencil
Paint Brush
Paint Palette or Plate
Cup for Painting Water

Craft Mat
Rubber Gloves if you are sensitive to plaster
Heat Gun – We will have these on hand to share

Cross-Over Apron

With Ruth Rae and Kristen Robinson

Where: Intrepid Thread, hosted by Lexi Grenzer
When: April 19, 2005 10-5pm
1709 S. Main St., Milpitas, CA 95035

Included in Class Cost:
A cross-over apron pattern fits sizes (6-24)

Supply List:
Sewing machine
*Free motion or darning foot (optional)
*Regular sewing foot
*Ruffler foot (only if you have it. I will show you a few different ways to make ruffles)
Pins (optional)
Sewing machine threads to go with your fabric and a color for free motion.
Iron and iron pad - an iron and mat is available at the studio to share as well
Scissors or rotary cutter and
Cutting mat (optional) - a large mat is available in the studio to share as well
You will be providing your own fabric, here are the dimensions needed:
**2 yards medium weight fabric (this is for your apron and pockets.)
1/2 yard or 1 yard of fabric if you want to make a lot of ruffles. ( I often use a few different fabrics when I make ruffles)
Any embellishments like Lace, ribbon, trim or buttons that you would like to use
You will learn how to cut out your pattern and design and sew your crossover apron and how to free motion sew words and doodles on your apron as well as how to make ruffles and a fabric flower.

*This optional foots are for those of you who have them. You can absolutely make the apron without the three foot options.  They are used for embellishments and free-motion writing of words.

**Keep in mind that we are doing our class at Intrepid Thread, one of the Bay Area's most delicious fabric stores.  It's a hidden treasure, and you can find patterns & fabrics found no where else!!!

Kristen and Ruth Visit...details coming soon!!

 Kristen Robinson and Ruth Rae are coming back to the Bay Area this April! Stay tuned for class details...keep in mind, we've chosen projects from three of the their yummy books! If you have any questions or wish to have early rsvp, please contact Lexi at lexi.grenzer@gmail.com