Friday, August 22, 2014

Spellbinders Creating A Gilded Life Contest! - part deux

So, I didn't read carefully enough on the instructions - big no no.  The projects were to be uploaded by midnight Eastern Time!!! Goober here!  But nevertheless, I finished this project, I'm proud of it, so I'm gonna share it!

Best of luck to all you Spellbinder contestants!!! What an amazing prize and gift to share with two special individuals!

Spellbinders Creating A Gilded Life Contest!

So, I decided to participate in this killer contest sponsored by Spellbinders & A Gilded Life.  The prize, you ask? Two seats, hotel and flight at A Gilded Life Spellboud event!! Um hello, of course I'm going to enter. Especially cuz it let me play with all their amazing new products.  I have two projects I'm submitting, one for Home Decor and one for Jewelry.  I'll post more pics later for the jewelry piece I created...but for now, here's the Gilded Chandelier...