Monday, January 13, 2014

Danita's Doll Giveaway!

I am a long time fan, admirer of Danita's delightful creations.  Not only am I excited to share her giveaway, but I'm keeping my fingers & TOES crossed that I win her online class.  How cool would that be?!?!  On top of this way cool giveaway, did you know she is teaching at Terri Brush's Art Camp in Fall 2014?!  Yup, and I'm saving allllll my pennies and going!  Freaking out, yup, this is going to be Mommy's getaway for 2014, and I'm soooo excited.  So, if you're into dolls, click HERE, and share, so you  can be entered in a chance to win as well!  Happy Monday!!!  By the way, if you're not into dolls & prefer mixed media on canvas etc...her Mixed Media Online Workshop is DEEEEELISH too!!!

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