Monday, January 13, 2014

Danita's Doll Giveaway!

I am a long time fan, admirer of Danita's delightful creations.  Not only am I excited to share her giveaway, but I'm keeping my fingers & TOES crossed that I win her online class.  How cool would that be?!?!  On top of this way cool giveaway, did you know she is teaching at Terri Brush's Art Camp in Fall 2014?!  Yup, and I'm saving allllll my pennies and going!  Freaking out, yup, this is going to be Mommy's getaway for 2014, and I'm soooo excited.  So, if you're into dolls, click HERE, and share, so you  can be entered in a chance to win as well!  Happy Monday!!!  By the way, if you're not into dolls & prefer mixed media on canvas etc...her Mixed Media Online Workshop is DEEEEELISH too!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Riki Schumacher!!!!!

Price: $170 includes kit fee
Location: Chateau Grenzer (Los Gatos, CA)
Time: 10-5pm 

I love making these sweet little frame/pendants.  In this workshop I will teach you how to make these cherished keepsakes from scratch. Using patterns I supply for the shape of your frame, I’ll show you how to apply some basic metal smith techniques, and then flood the front with some solder attaching beautiful stampings and vintage found objects.  It helps if you have used a butane torch before, but I will demonstrate the very basics of every step for beginners. There are many techniques packed in to this workshop, and you will leave with a gorgeous frame, showcasing a loved one or vintage photo. Then the next day, we will all head for the Alameda Flea Market to pick up more treasures for future art work!
I hope you will join the fun! Seating is limited so sign up soon.

Dip your little toe into the essence of French design when participating in this chic metal smith and soldering workshop! We will create a le petite French theme frame for you to treasure forever!  My recent trip to France was my inspiration for the little frames, and I can’t wait to share the experience with you. After deciding on a shape you love, cut it out with metal shears, then prepare it for soldering. You have your choice of completely drenching the little darling in hot solder, then embedding stampings and rhinestone chain.  Or etch the front, and then add a dollop of some liquid solder loveliness, some stampings, bling, and all kinds of found objects. Then cold connect a variety of your favorite found items. All will be your choice.  I can’t wait to show you how much fun these are to make.  Bring a little photo that you love, to slip inside a 1” peek hole. And if you want to make a vintage stand for your adorable frame, bring some 14ga brass wire and learn how to forge a small stand, with a vintage flare. I will have some gallery wire available, or bring your own, to complete the stand.

These sweet frames measure only about 2”-3”, so they are truly a keepsake that will be cherished. You can also opt make a pendant out of your amazing creation as well. Just bring some chain, heavy jump rings, beads/gems and a clasp, and voila…a necklace!  Gather up your beautiful vintage rhinestone embellishments, beads/gems, treasures, stampings, vintage pieces, and whatever you have collected to adorn your oh so tres chic frame.  There will be a variety of items I will bring for purchase as well.  Won’t you join me in creating this precious and personal treasure? Can’t you already hear Edith Piaf in the distance? They are so ooh la la! It really helps to have some torch soldering experience for this fast paced workshop.
Kit includes: use of some soldering equipment, tools, materials, mini hardware, 20ga copper wire, polishing pads, sheet metal, gallery wire, spacers and mica.

Supplies provided by teacher include punch set, drills, additional mini hardware, various metal and jewelry making tools, mandrels, a couple soldering stations, including torches, pliers and heat safe surfaces. Also provided, flux brushes, flux, patina, additional mini hardware, files, metal letter stamps, sand paper, paint brushes, extra metal for purchase, lamp wire, texture hammers, drill, mini anvil and adhesives. Additional found objects and rhinestone chain will be available for purchase.

Supply list for students:  To solder, bring a butane torch and fuel, a one quarter pound or half pound roll of lead free hardware solder with no resin, a heat safe surface (cookie sheet), a soldering brick, and cheap long nose pliers. Bring various objects to adorn the frame, like old jewelry, stampings, buttons, even a small pocket watch, a small photo to fit a 1” opening, and if you have any patterned metal, bring it for the back plate. Bring jewelry tools such as needle nose pliers, small flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, a rawhide or plastic hammer, steel block, fine grit metal files, metal shears, rubber block or rag. Also vintage or new silver tone rhinestone chain, vintage rhinestone earrings, buttons, fine tip permanent marker, scissors, paper, pencil, ruler.  If making a frame stand: bring a small roll (from hardware store) of 14ga brass wire.  If making a pendant from your frame: bring chain, some jump rings, a clasp, 20-ga wire, gems/pearls/crystals to fit the 20-ga wire. If you want to encrust your frame with pearls/crystals, bring tiny ones to cement on.  OPTIONAL: Ott light & extension cord, Opti-visors, mask for fumes, air absorber.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Stitched Velvet Rose Pins

Join me for an afternoon lesson in stitched rose pins with luscious hand dyed velvets. Naturally hot glue would be the easiest way to make velvet roses, but we'll do it the old fashioned way and stitch largely by hand.  This is a lovely project, and you'll be awfully tempted to start hoarding vintage ribbon and millinery leaves...and lets not forget the velvet! Class Link for reserving your spot is on my blog, directly to the right of this post.

Hope you will join me for a couple hours of creative play.

Stitched Velvet Rose Pins
Cost: $35
Location: Chateau Grenzer
When: January 18, 2014
Time: 12-2pm

Material List (to bring to class):
Upholstery Thread in Black or White
Ribbon, Millinery or Bits to incorporate into your design

Kit Includes:
Vintage Millinery Leaf
Sari Silk