Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kate Thompson Weekend Workshop

Christmas is literally just around the corner, and we are all buzzing about last minute shopping, writing & mailing Christmas cards, cooking/baking, more shopping...yes, it's quite the time of year.  But the best time of all, is definitely the time we spend with our loved ones.  I'm so looking forward to that this year, as my son is finally at the point where he is starting to "get" Christmas.  It's really spectacular to see the joy and light in the those little eyes!

I wanted to send out a quick update regarding Kate Thompson, mixed media artist, and her upcoming visit to Chateau Grenzer!  Soooo looking forward to an amazing weekend working on and developing my skills with a master!  It's not too late to join either, and GREAT news, we have a few extra spots available!  We had a great deal of response for Kate's class, and yes it's rough to pay for classes just before the holiday, I know.  So, I now have 5 more spots open!  I have decided to rent a larger room for classes with the lovely Julie Dueck in her precious store, The Intrepid Thread.  Julie has a great space with great light, and I think this is JUST what we need for a painting class.  We have room to spread out and plenty of space to watch our instructor demo comfortably too.  If you're interested in joining us, and would like me to reserve you a spot, so you can pay after Christmas, I can do so for a $50 deposit*.  So feel free to email me at lexi.grenzer@gmail.com

Here is an updated Class Description and Supply List, along with a new class pic.

Happy Holidays my friends, I am soooo grateful for you!!!

January 25-26, 2014 (two day workshop)

The Intrepid Thread
1709 S. Main St., Milpitas, CA 95035 

11-5 (both days)


In this class I will be teaching you how to create a multi-layered fabric collage (15" x 20") working with fabric, gesso, plaster and paper. After assembling the collage I demonstrate how to paint an image; it could be a figure or portrait with some flower detail. Students can use image transfers to create a base for the painting. I also will have available a face template drawing that could be used for the paintings so the class will focus more on the painting methods rather than drawing. It's a class for all levels since there will be several methods demonstrated to achieve a beautiful image to grace your collage.

assorted fabrics for the collage (15" x 20" and other various sizes). Bring your stash of vintage fabrics and linens or purchased yardage (linens and cottons)
needle and thread for creating bullion stitches around the collage
140lb. hot press watercolor paper
joint compound plaster and putty knife
assorted watercolors (reds, blues, and yellows) OPTIONAL Daniel Smith watercolors I use are rose madder geniune, burgandy yellow ochre, piemontite geniune
Golden open acrylic titanium white
Adirondack re inkers- pesto and eggplant
soft pastels- muted colors of your choice
Golden acrylic ground for pastels
matte medium
Golden clear tar gel
wood or craft glue
Brushes: 1/4" and 1/8" angular brushes (golden taklon) Princeton Select carries these and you can get them at Michaels
#0 or "1 pointed watercolor brush for detail work, any larger watercolor and acrylic  brushes of your choice, a cheap utility brush for applying gesso and matte medium
pencils and charcoal
for collage and image ephemera transfers. I will have a selection of images to offer in class , but try to bring images that you want to use. Images of faces and figures to collage or image transfer.
pdf's of some of the mixed media techniques
plaster bandages
samples of venetian plaster on fabric

*Deposits - please note deposits are: non-refundable & non-transferable deposits.  Thank you.