Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rue Romantique Ornament Blog Hop

 I love handmade ornaments.  For as long as I can remember, my family tradition, as a child, was to create one new tree ornament every year.  I can remember my Mom, Aunts and friends chatting, having spiced eggnog, giggling and making their ornaments long after I had gone to bed.  It's a childhood memory I hold close to my heart, and one I'm delighted to share with you today.

Our creative team mission was to create a DIY ornament  featuring the fabulous Rue Romantique bezels by Kristen Robinson.

Supplies:3in x 2in felt & cheesecloth
Rue Romantique Ribbon pack
Rue Romantique Bezel
4 buttons
Embroidery Floss
Muslin Scrap
Festive Holiday Stamps
Stazon Ink Pad (black)
 Rhinestone Chain (just one piece)
Scrap Chain
ICE Resin
Acrylic Paint (mint green)
Sewing Machine or Hand Stitch required

Begin by cutting your felt, cheese cloth and sheer burgundy ribbon in 2in x 3in pieces. Snip two small pieces of velvet to be your tabs (for holding the chain), pin in between your layers and stitch all of these layers together. Snip 4 pieces of burgundy velvet ribbon to go around and stitch onto the layered piece of ribbon/cheesecloth/felt. Take a piece of muslin scrap and stamp the words Happy Holidays and stitch on.  With embroidery floss, stitch on all four of your buttons.  Add chain in the tabs and set this piece aside.  Mix up a tiny bit of ICE Resin, add a drop of your desired acrylic paint color, mix thoroughly and pour into the bezel - allow to cure.  Once cured, stamp a festive stamp on the cured bezel, adhere a single rhinestone and pour one more layer of clear resin atop to seal.  Once this has cured, stitch the bezel onto the layered fabric pieces and your ornament is complete.

So many ways to make your holiday ornaments.  Think about a picture of your family each year...the options are endless.

Hope you enjoyed our holiday inspiration!


Kristen Robinson
Jen Crossley
Cindy Cima Edwards
Cindi Bisson
You can look forward to these ornaments:
Saturday, Nov. 9
(ICE Resin site) Carol La Valley
Jen Cushman
Lesley Venable


  1. I love it. The velvet ribbon is a nice touch! very cool

  2. Absolutely stunning as usual Lexi. The color combination of the deep red and the non traditional green is beautiful.

  3. I knew you would create a super romantic ornament Lexi and you did not disappoint - gorgeous!

  4. This lovely bezel and crushed red velvet ornament reminds me a vintage Victorian Christmas, traditionally beautiful and perfect in every way! So glad to have found your Blog and can't wait to look around :)

  5. We make Christmas crafts with the young ones while we are waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey - lots of great memories! I love the soft elegance you brought to this ornament - very Victorian. Loveit!

  6. This is lovely - looks so luxurious! Love the velvet touch!

  7. Love the elegance of this ornament! Would love to be able to feel the velvet! TFS!

  8. Oh Lexi.. this is so vintage elegance.. I love the colors, the buttons and the gorgeous(!) bezel..

  9. Looks absolutely elegant! Nice works Lexi! :)


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