Friday, October 18, 2013

Connie Crystals

Connie Crystals

During all the excitement of the Emmy's we didn't get a chance to share some of the cool product we got to use.  One of the great surprises to arrive at the designer door steps was a box from Connie Crystal.  There were glass crystal beads ranging from 8 to 14 mm, teardrops & raindrops.  They also have the sweetest shape, the Octagons, and they look JUST like the vintage chandelier crystals!! Yum!

The Creative Designers were given a mission to come up with some beautiful jewelry, using the crystals, and I have to say it was no hardship!  These crystals are so delish! It's no surprise to you all that I adore glitz either...any opportunity for glamour and sparkle, and I'm all about it!  I wanted to set out to create a piece that was elegant, that spoke of a time long ago...something that looked like icicles hanging from the eve of an old Victorian.  The finished product was far more than I had imagined...and I'm quite pleased with if I could just figure out where to wear it...gonna have to find a black tie gala I think!

Wanna learn how to make one for yourself?!  Here are my dets, enjoy & don't forget to check out the other sensational creations by the other Creative Team Designers!! Links are below for hopping ease.

Rue Romantique Large Botanical Rectangle  KR104 (brass)
Rue Romantique Small Daisy Diamonds KR112 (brass)
ICE Resin
Wire 20g - bronze WIREBR
Gilders Paste (patina)
Connie Crystals:
Crystal Beads 8mm, 10mm & 12mm
Crystal Tear Drop 1.5in
(2) Crystal Rain Drop 20mm

Directions & Details:
1) Patina your brass findings with Gilders Paste patina color, set aside to cure
2) Begin to wire wrap, using a Briolette wrap style, your tear drop and rain drop crystals. 
3) Once complete, go ahead and begin to wire wrap (standard style) & connect all your crystal beads.  As each neck is different, you will need to determine what length and how many crystals you'll need to complete the necklace. - Add a closure & set aside
4) Choose a picture, I chose an image from the new Art Mechanique papers from Hobby Lobby, cut down to bezel size, adhere & seal with the Art Mechanique Paper Sealer - allow to dry
5) Mix up a small batch of resin and fill the bezel
6) Once cured, you can now attach your crystals & necklace to the bezel.
7) For the crystal hanging from the bottom, I used a metal hole punch and added a jumpring for my crystal to hang from.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kate Thompson - GUEST TEACHER!!

Hello Ladies!

Back from Omaha Nebraska, and I'm still bubbling with creativity and excitement...I'll post later about my magical experience at Handmade U.  

Until then, I'm so excited & pleased to announce that Kate Thompson will be making an appearance at Chateau Grenzer and enrollment is now open!!  The usual spots are available so hurry and get yours today!

To further excite you, here are some pics as well as the class description.

JANUARY 25 & 26, 2014 (TWO DAY WORKSHOP!!)
Location: TBD
Price: $200
Material Fee: $15
In this class I will teaching you how to create a multi-layered fabric collage (16" x 16") working with fabric, gesso, plaster and paper. After assembling the collage I demonstrate how to paint an image; it could be a figure or portrait with some flower detail. Students can use image transfers to create a base for the painting. I also will have available a face template drawing that could be used for the paintings so the class will focus more on the painting methods rather than drawing. It's a class for all levels since there will be several methods demonstrated to achieve a beautiful image to grace your collage.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Art is...2013

Well, I'm back from Art is...Petaluma, and boy was it a great weekend!  It's so funny how we speak to people through social media...get to know them but have never met them in person.  It was like this with so many wonderful people in Petaluma.  I got to meet Ken Oliver of Spellbinders, Riki Schumacher, Cheryl Simpson, Mary Beth Shaw, Lesley & Tom Venable and sooo many other wonderful people.  I spent the weekend in classes with Lesley.  Have wanted to spend time with her since we met briefly last year, this was such a great experience.  Lesley has the most charming classes and beautiful style.  Her artistic touch is so inspiring, and I just loved my time with both her and her mischievous husband Tom.  Lesley's classes are great, and if you ever have the occasion to take one with her, DO IT.  You'll be so happy you did.  Tom, thank you for you magic cookies BTW!  Lesley I look forward to seeing you in March, fingers crossed.

For those of you following me, Lesley agreed to make a trip to Chateau Grenzer, and we're going to chat soon about what she'll be teaching.  So hang tight for the date and projects. 

So, if you're marking your calendar, here are the guest teachers coming in 2014, just a heads up:

Kate Thompson Jan 25 & 26th
Lesley Venable March (date TBD)
Riki Schumacher - May 2-4

Here are some pics from our fabulous weekend!!  I'm off to Omaha Nebraska tomorrow to teach at Handmade U with Rachel McGough.  I'll keep you guys posted on the event & goings on.

Ciao' for now,