Thursday, September 12, 2013

Staging & Vignettes

I am in the process of re-decorating the studio, and I’ve always been so drawn to the whole shabby chic cream & off-white color scheme.  However, I never seem quite able to pull it off, perhaps it’s too clean, and I’m fearful of getting paint or resin on everything…or maybe it’s that I just love color far too much to not have any in my creative space.  I can drool over the studios of my artist friends and appreciate the beauty in their spaces, but I just have to have COLOR!!  I wouldn’t be the Shabby Calavera if I didn’t like color, right?! So what color, you ask?  I decided to go back to my roots, the very colors that inspired my business card, header & avatar…at that was it.  It was like a lightning bolt of inspiration hit me.  Mint green and variances of it as well as a soft rosy pink are now the pieces I’m after.  I’m having such much fun collecting and painting and preparing all the pieces to go in the studio.

As many of you know, I’ve been quite busy with the Emmy Award bracelets, my ICE Resin© Creative Team commitments, custom orders, creating new classes and most importantly, being a Mom and Wife…my studio looks like a tornado hit it.  It’s quite embarrassing really…and no, I won’t share a pic.  I would be far too mortified, lol.  With that said, I am having the hardest time finding the time to get in and organize the studio…therefore; I cannot decorate, hang art or start playing again!  Yikes, what will I do?  The answer…I STAGE!!  I create little vignettes of ideas as they pop into my head, take pictures – this way, when I am ready to set up the studio, I have a map of ideas waiting for me.  Silly, I know, why not just clean and organize the studio?  Well, you know us creative minds….that process can take weeks, months even.

I was teaching at Scrapbook Island recently and Laurie Jimenez showed me some new merch from Julie Comstock…they were these adooooorable mason jar lids.  Two colors, chippy white & one fabulous green…of course I got three…and I’ll be headed in for more too.  These little jars inspired all sorts of staging and vignettes.  I figured I’d share some of my fun stage play with you today.
BTW, it’s over cast today, and I’m sooooo in love with the weather.  So excited to pull out some of my fave light weight scarves and sweaters today.  JOY!  It’s the little things in life <3

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