Saturday, September 21, 2013

ICE Resin & Emmy Inspired Giveaway!!

Remember when I told you there would be one more giveaway?  Well, today's the day!  Leave me a comment on this post, telling me which of the charms is your FAV, and I'll make you an ICE Resin charm bracelet, just like the ones the actresses and actors are making at the Make n' Take Emmy's this weekend!!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Kristen Robinson is COMING BACK!

Hey ya'll!  So excited to have Kristen joining us again in December.  We're such lucky girls to have two visits from her in this calendar year!!  Here are the pics and class details.  The Saturday jewelry class is full, but you can email me to get added to the wait-list.  The Sunday mixed media class has THREE SPOTS open (we made room for 20 this class!!) - email me, and I will send you an invoice if you're interested in signing up.  The class balances & payment buttons are available to you on the right side of the blog, for all of you you did early RSVP.

So looking forward to seeing you all and sharing a lovely Kristen Robinson weekend with you too!


Beautiful Journey – Mixed Media Journal
Sunday 11-5
$125 Kit Included

I believe documenting the days that make up our journey is one of the most important gifts we can leave for our future. In class we will create a plethora of beauty as we work with a bounty of mixed media elements. Not only will we be painting but stitching, stenciling, creating with wax, utilizing Faber Castell amazing Gelatto’s and layering elements. The possibilities for this project are truly endless as this is the tale of your journey!

I will not only cover elements of composition but walk you through the construction of your journal from the most basic of watercolor pages to my tips and techniques for layers of paint, fabric and found objects. We will make our own stencils in class to use in our books as well as develop our own personal markings. While the kit includes a crème color scheme please feel free to integrate colors

Kit Includes
1 Yard of Crème Fabrics
Crème Felt
10 Pieces of 9x11 Watercolor Paper
Binding Floss
Book Binding Needle
Sheet Music
Ledger Paper
French Book Text
Clip Art
Rhinestone Chain

I will bring colored pencils to share, gelattos, wax, and watercolor crayons

Please Bring
Paint of Your Choice – You should have at least 4 colors on hand one being white
Paint Brushes
Container for Water
Towel (this will be used to wipe away paint)
Images and Clip Art
Found Objects (keys, jewelry, chain, beads)
Doilies, Lace any Fabric that Speaks to You
Ribbon or other Trim to Incorporate
Scissors (or rotary cutter and cutting mat)
Printed Words That Speak to You
Paper Adhesive
Bone Folder
Sewing Machine (this is optional however is necessary if not wishing to hand stitch)
Needle and Embroidery Floss If Hand Stitching

Divine Bangles – Metal Forming, Etching and Metalsmithing

Saturday 11 - 5
$125 Kit Included
A bounty of beauty abounds in this delightful set of bangles. Basic and intermediate metalsmihting techniques are employed to create these very unique bangles, which are formed, in various non-traditional shapes. Custom charms created with metal fold forming techniques enhanced with etching are the centerpiece for these darlings. Flooded bezels as well as custom chain we will solder adds another layer of charm. Be prepared for a day full of learning, creating and FUN as each student will create 5 pieces in class.

Everything shown in the photo will be provided in the class kit. If you would like to add charms, beads and other baubles to your pieces feel free to bring them along.

Please Bring
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters (these will need to cut 14 Gauge Wire)
Flat Nose Pliers
Tin Snips
Toothbrush to Throw Away
Steel Wool (Fine Grit)
Apron or other Clothing Protection
Face Mask if Sensitive to Fumes

Optional Items (If you do not wish to share I have three of everything on hand and there will be 12 students in class)
Bench Block
Bench Pillow
Ball Peen Hammer

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Staging & Vignettes

I am in the process of re-decorating the studio, and I’ve always been so drawn to the whole shabby chic cream & off-white color scheme.  However, I never seem quite able to pull it off, perhaps it’s too clean, and I’m fearful of getting paint or resin on everything…or maybe it’s that I just love color far too much to not have any in my creative space.  I can drool over the studios of my artist friends and appreciate the beauty in their spaces, but I just have to have COLOR!!  I wouldn’t be the Shabby Calavera if I didn’t like color, right?! So what color, you ask?  I decided to go back to my roots, the very colors that inspired my business card, header & avatar…at that was it.  It was like a lightning bolt of inspiration hit me.  Mint green and variances of it as well as a soft rosy pink are now the pieces I’m after.  I’m having such much fun collecting and painting and preparing all the pieces to go in the studio.

As many of you know, I’ve been quite busy with the Emmy Award bracelets, my ICE Resin© Creative Team commitments, custom orders, creating new classes and most importantly, being a Mom and Wife…my studio looks like a tornado hit it.  It’s quite embarrassing really…and no, I won’t share a pic.  I would be far too mortified, lol.  With that said, I am having the hardest time finding the time to get in and organize the studio…therefore; I cannot decorate, hang art or start playing again!  Yikes, what will I do?  The answer…I STAGE!!  I create little vignettes of ideas as they pop into my head, take pictures – this way, when I am ready to set up the studio, I have a map of ideas waiting for me.  Silly, I know, why not just clean and organize the studio?  Well, you know us creative minds….that process can take weeks, months even.

I was teaching at Scrapbook Island recently and Laurie Jimenez showed me some new merch from Julie Comstock…they were these adooooorable mason jar lids.  Two colors, chippy white & one fabulous green…of course I got three…and I’ll be headed in for more too.  These little jars inspired all sorts of staging and vignettes.  I figured I’d share some of my fun stage play with you today.
BTW, it’s over cast today, and I’m sooooo in love with the weather.  So excited to pull out some of my fave light weight scarves and sweaters today.  JOY!  It’s the little things in life <3

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Goin' to the Emmy's

So, these past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement! From the moment we got the news to moment we mailed our packages off, this Emmy experience has been seriously AWESOME!  The new product available at Hobby Lobby was fantastic to play with, Art Mechanique and Rue Romantique bezels are always heavenly and let's not forget the show stopper...ICE Resin!  What would these amazing projects be without the icing?!  So, we've been torturing the creative world, building anticipation, and the big reveal is upon us!

To give you a quick recap, I did design, not 5 but 10 bracelets! I had the unique opportunity to design cuffs for MEN!  First time, and certainly NOT the last.  I love designing a masculine line & found it thrilling to make Art Mechanique work for THE GENTS!  Of course I loved making the women's designs too!  I created pieces I thought were clean and simply & just enough glam that they can be worn often.  I'm hoping which ever celebrity gets my pieces will know they were all made with lots of love and creative happiness.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to



I sincerely hope you enjoyed the show!  But come back veeeery soon, and you can see some of the many incredible charms too!  Remember those?  Yes, we each made 75 charms!!!  Talk about some seriously cute inspiration.

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