Monday, August 12, 2013

Lovin' Watercolors

People keep asking "what made you start to watercolor?", and I've given that some real thought.  I think it's my long time desire to build a solid foundation of fine art techniques.  I, like many artists, am self taught, and I missed so many of the fundamentals that fine arts have to offer.  It's not to say that the free style way of doing art is bad or wrong, it's a wonderful way to play, but I think I've reached that point in my creative journey, where I'm eager to learn more.  As a stay at home mom by day, and teacher by night & weekend, I'm very limited in my expenses to seek out classes.  As many of you know, art supplies, especially good ones, are quite costly.  The classes are costly and best if attended over a longer duration of time.  So, I've opted to go about this the old fashioned books, play, watch free online tutorials, play and discover the techniques for myself.  It's quite satisfying when you look at a piece you just made/painted and think, "gosh, I just made that!".  I have a very loooong way to go, and I'm excited that we never stop learning as humans.  It's pretty freakin' cool if you think about it!

I received a sweet message on Facebook from an old friend who said, " wish I had that kind of talent!".  I was blown away, because I feel like there is a budding artist in all of us, and I am in no way a master of art.  It was an incredibly sweet compliment, and one that made be smile a big ol' cheesy smile.  And it's people and comments like this that make me enjoy the teaching soooo much!  I love sharing what I learn, it's incredibly rewarding and feels good to give back.  Another question I get frequently is, "arent' you worried people will steal your ideas or make 100's of your pieces to sell?".  I can't help but giggle, as we as artists are forever sparking or inspiring each other for that "next" project, and who really has an original idea anymore.  I'm honored if someone is inspired by a class with me and decides to be prolific in their art and sell away.  I have a healthy respect for ethics personally, and feel like if I put something out into the universe...I have to let it go and be free to flourish.  This mind set has been the healthiest way to approach what I do creatively.  I want to share and be a part of a beautifully creative world, be compassionate, be kind and makes be feel good to be so.

Here are a couple of my latest creations, again, nothing over the moon...but certainly fun and a great opportunity to bust out that box of rubberstamps collecting dust in your closet.  I'll be teaching some of my latest findings in a couple of classes at Scrapbook Island, August 31st!  Hope you can pop in to say howdy or perhaps take a couple hours for yourself and play a bit.

Ciao' for now!

Saturday, August 31st     11:00 am to 1:00 pm
 Cost: $30.00
All supplies included, however if you would like to bring in your owns stamps feel free!!! 
Techniques: color washes, stencil void, stenciling & how to include this style in your mixed media projects!
Saturday, August 31st     2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
 Cost: $45.00
All supplies included, however if you would like to bring in your owns stamps feel free!!!  
Techniques: watercolor basics as done in above class, but we'll also use Gilder's Paste to antique up our Rue Romantique bezels, distress resin (post cure) & immerse our watercolors in ICE Resin!!!



  1. :-) HI!
    Can I ask what you are using to protect your watercolor before you add the resin? and do you glue your water color to the bezel before you pour the resin?

    thanks! Lorraine

    1. Hi there Lorraine! I'm so glad you liked my Watercolor Pendants. I will soon offer a video tutorial on my blog. Definitely follow me to know when it's made available:) thanks for stopping by:)))