Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blog Hop & Free Tutorial!!

One of the greatest things about Mixed Media Jewelry design is you only need a bit of this and a bit of that to create an eye catching piece of jewelry.  And those of us who enjoy wearing jewelry or accessories, know how gratifying it can be to have people stop you and say, "hey, great jewelry!".  I'm especially thrilled when it's piece I've either made myself or a handmade piece purchased or gifted to me.  Having unique one-of-a-kind stuff is just flat out GREAT!
As a member of the ICE Resin Creative Team, I have the opportunity to play with new products, add a piece of me to them, and share them with all of you.  It's such a great way to share ideas and inspire those ideas to blossom inside of all of you!  Our focal today is the delish bezel bracelets new to the ICE Resin store.  Art Mechanique Bezel Bracelets are available for you to fill and embellish with your own creativity now at the ICE Resin booths (901 and 903) at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee at the Delta Center, June 6-9, 2013.  So, if you find your self exploring and playing in Milwaukee, be sure to pop in and get one of these beauties for yourself!

If you like the look of this bracelet or hope to incorporate some of what you see in your own design, here are the dets on how I made this one!

Supply List:
ICED Enamels
ICE Resin
Vintage Buttons
Vintage Lace
Sari Silk
Acrylic Paint (turq)

How To:
Using the ICE Medium, apply generous amount to inside of bezels. Shake in your chosen color of ICED Enamels (I mixed ivory with turquoise), shake out extra loose powder. Using a heat tool, allow the powder to melt thoroughly. Once cooled, apply hints of turquoise colored acrylic paint, sand for the desired shabby effect. Add a button in each & pour in ICE Resin into the bezels -- paint over acrylic painted areas lightly to seal. Once cured tie on vintage lace & sari silk. Add on a few more vintage buttons & voile!

Be sure to check out the other amazing works done by my fellow Creative Team members!


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  2. WOW!! LOVE your BEAUTIFUL Bracelet!! I LOVE the FU color and the added elements!! =) THAKS for the tutorial and have a Fabulous Week!! =)

    1. Thank you ever so much for stopping by Larissa! So glad you like the project!!! Happy blog hoppin' today;)

  3. Thank you sweet Jen!!! I adooooore yours!

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    1. Thanks Julie!! And gracias for stopping in:))

  5. Gorgeous Lexi!! Love your colors and your elements!

  6. You are wonderfully creative. thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Carol, I'm so glad to share fun new product:)