Monday, April 22, 2013

Chateau Grenzer: Visit from Kristen Robinson

Okay, this was a seriously great weekend.  I got to spend a whole weekend with my dear friend Kristen Robinson and all my fabulous artsy buddies.  The girls had two totally dynamite classes, and to say I'm impressed with their finished pieces, would be a huge understatement. Kristen introduced the girls to her lovely line, Rue Romantique & ICED Enamels...and the pairing was something else!  The custom color combinations they made with the ICED Enamels were sooo beautiful.  They added elements from their personal stashes, including vintage bits, rhinestones, skull & butterfly many great combos.

The crown and tiara theme was epic, and we had a blast sipping peachy ice tea, eating strawberry frosted cupcakes and generally enjoying the fact that we were some seriously crafty divas!  I could gab for days about how much fun we had, but I'll just share my pics with you...let you see for yourself.

BTW, if you missed Kristen on this Spring visit, have no fear, she will be back in December!! Yup Yup!

Yolie, Shawn & Debby Anderson of Romancing the Bling
Zsoka & Kristen Robinson

We had a visit from Lorri Scott

Debra, Darci & Cindy

Rue Romantique & ICED Enamels

Rue Romantique & ICED Enamels

Rue Romantique

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