Saturday, January 5, 2013

Joanna Pierotti visits June 2013

Hello my lovelies!  Are you ready to get your creative wheels rolling?! Cuz Joanna Pierotti is coming to Chateau Grenzer for a little weekend workshop.  And she has some pretty delicious tricks to share with you.  I know her pieces speak for themselves, so if you wanna hold your spot, the payment buttons are located to the right of my blog.  If you're wondering, there are just 12 seats for each of these fun filled workshops. For a full class bio, supply list, material fees etc, please email me, and I'll get those right over to you.  Can't wait!!!!

Joanna Pierotti: Embossed Case
In this workshop we will create a special little embossed case measuring 3” x 4” that opens up to a little work of art.  Using a soldering iron, we will create a pattern of your choice on the cover.  You will have a few choices on how to patina and age the solder to your style using a few different methods.  Inside the book, embellish it using various materials and wax expressing your little treasures.
(No soldering experience necessary)

Joanna Pierotti: Nature Expressed
We will create a beautiful wall hanging using plaster and encaustic wax, embellished with watercolor paints and oil pastels.  Enhance your piece in your own style with the extra elements you bring with you.  You will have a choice of special printed images to use in your piece.  No previous experience necessary.


  1. I love your blog! OMG I wanna copy you. LOL! Hugs Lexi, Dusty

  2. Oh my gosh Dusty!! Thank you:) xoxo!!! ~ Lexi