Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kate Thompson Weekend Workshop

Christmas is literally just around the corner, and we are all buzzing about last minute shopping, writing & mailing Christmas cards, cooking/baking, more shopping...yes, it's quite the time of year.  But the best time of all, is definitely the time we spend with our loved ones.  I'm so looking forward to that this year, as my son is finally at the point where he is starting to "get" Christmas.  It's really spectacular to see the joy and light in the those little eyes!

I wanted to send out a quick update regarding Kate Thompson, mixed media artist, and her upcoming visit to Chateau Grenzer!  Soooo looking forward to an amazing weekend working on and developing my skills with a master!  It's not too late to join either, and GREAT news, we have a few extra spots available!  We had a great deal of response for Kate's class, and yes it's rough to pay for classes just before the holiday, I know.  So, I now have 5 more spots open!  I have decided to rent a larger room for classes with the lovely Julie Dueck in her precious store, The Intrepid Thread.  Julie has a great space with great light, and I think this is JUST what we need for a painting class.  We have room to spread out and plenty of space to watch our instructor demo comfortably too.  If you're interested in joining us, and would like me to reserve you a spot, so you can pay after Christmas, I can do so for a $50 deposit*.  So feel free to email me at lexi.grenzer@gmail.com

Here is an updated Class Description and Supply List, along with a new class pic.

Happy Holidays my friends, I am soooo grateful for you!!!

January 25-26, 2014 (two day workshop)

The Intrepid Thread
1709 S. Main St., Milpitas, CA 95035 

11-5 (both days)


In this class I will be teaching you how to create a multi-layered fabric collage (15" x 20") working with fabric, gesso, plaster and paper. After assembling the collage I demonstrate how to paint an image; it could be a figure or portrait with some flower detail. Students can use image transfers to create a base for the painting. I also will have available a face template drawing that could be used for the paintings so the class will focus more on the painting methods rather than drawing. It's a class for all levels since there will be several methods demonstrated to achieve a beautiful image to grace your collage.

assorted fabrics for the collage (15" x 20" and other various sizes). Bring your stash of vintage fabrics and linens or purchased yardage (linens and cottons)
needle and thread for creating bullion stitches around the collage
140lb. hot press watercolor paper
joint compound plaster and putty knife
assorted watercolors (reds, blues, and yellows) OPTIONAL Daniel Smith watercolors I use are rose madder geniune, burgandy yellow ochre, piemontite geniune
Golden open acrylic titanium white
Adirondack re inkers- pesto and eggplant
soft pastels- muted colors of your choice
Golden acrylic ground for pastels
matte medium
Golden clear tar gel
wood or craft glue
Brushes: 1/4" and 1/8" angular brushes (golden taklon) Princeton Select carries these and you can get them at Michaels
#0 or "1 pointed watercolor brush for detail work, any larger watercolor and acrylic  brushes of your choice, a cheap utility brush for applying gesso and matte medium
pencils and charcoal
for collage and image ephemera transfers. I will have a selection of images to offer in class , but try to bring images that you want to use. Images of faces and figures to collage or image transfer.
pdf's of some of the mixed media techniques
plaster bandages
samples of venetian plaster on fabric

*Deposits - please note deposits are: non-refundable & non-transferable deposits.  Thank you.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rue Romantique Ornament Blog Hop

 I love handmade ornaments.  For as long as I can remember, my family tradition, as a child, was to create one new tree ornament every year.  I can remember my Mom, Aunts and friends chatting, having spiced eggnog, giggling and making their ornaments long after I had gone to bed.  It's a childhood memory I hold close to my heart, and one I'm delighted to share with you today.

Our creative team mission was to create a DIY ornament  featuring the fabulous Rue Romantique bezels by Kristen Robinson.

Supplies:3in x 2in felt & cheesecloth
Rue Romantique Ribbon pack
Rue Romantique Bezel
4 buttons
Embroidery Floss
Muslin Scrap
Festive Holiday Stamps
Stazon Ink Pad (black)
 Rhinestone Chain (just one piece)
Scrap Chain
ICE Resin
Acrylic Paint (mint green)
Sewing Machine or Hand Stitch required

Begin by cutting your felt, cheese cloth and sheer burgundy ribbon in 2in x 3in pieces. Snip two small pieces of velvet to be your tabs (for holding the chain), pin in between your layers and stitch all of these layers together. Snip 4 pieces of burgundy velvet ribbon to go around and stitch onto the layered piece of ribbon/cheesecloth/felt. Take a piece of muslin scrap and stamp the words Happy Holidays and stitch on.  With embroidery floss, stitch on all four of your buttons.  Add chain in the tabs and set this piece aside.  Mix up a tiny bit of ICE Resin, add a drop of your desired acrylic paint color, mix thoroughly and pour into the bezel - allow to cure.  Once cured, stamp a festive stamp on the cured bezel, adhere a single rhinestone and pour one more layer of clear resin atop to seal.  Once this has cured, stitch the bezel onto the layered fabric pieces and your ornament is complete.

So many ways to make your holiday ornaments.  Think about a picture of your family each year...the options are endless.

Hope you enjoyed our holiday inspiration!


Kristen Robinson
Jen Crossley
Cindy Cima Edwards
Cindi Bisson
You can look forward to these ornaments:
Saturday, Nov. 9
(ICE Resin site) Carol La Valley http://wp.me/p1MCno-2W3
Jen Cushman  http://wp.me/p1lhEq-Gb
Lesley Venable

Friday, November 1, 2013

Handmade Holiday Blog Hop

Welcome to the Third Annual Handmade Holidays blog hop!! The best crafters, designers, and makers have come together to create and share  a series of thoughtful, handmade gifts for the holidays during this 3 day blog hop. Our goal is to inspire you to create something from the heart this holiday season as well as share how to use our products in fun, innovative ways. We intend this hop to serve as a resource to you for this holiday season and for years to come.
Hop along to each blog in the list. Each day, from November 1 through November 3, 2013, we’ll be posting a brand new list of blogs to hop to. Comment on each blog, share your favorite posts over social media, and then use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of each post to enter to win the Grand Prize, a gift basket filled with crafty swag from the companies on the hop! We’re ready to inspire, share, and create – are you ready to hop?
In addition to the generous Grand Prize, I will draw a name for one lucky person to win one of my handmade gifts below, so be sure to leave me a comment on this post to be entered to win!!!
Project One: Day of the Dead Pendant
Clearsnap - ColorBox Crafters
ICE Resin
Media Mixage bezel (large) - MM-SLK707/SIL
Clear Acrylic Sealer
Day of the Dead Mold
Acrylic Paint: Brown & Off-White
Beads, Chain, Toggle Closure & all corresponding jewelry pliers

 1) Using a festive mold purchased on Etsy, I filled the chosen area with ICE Resin

2) Once cured, I popped the resin piece out and painted the whole thing brown, making sure my paint got in all the deep folds & grooves. Once the brown was dry, I painted the resin piece with an off-white, keeping sure to do a very thin coat...this allowed the resin piece to look old, showing the brown in the grooves.

3) I placed the resin piece in the chosen bezel & mixed up a very small amount of ICE Resin. Once mixed, I added a tiny drop of the same off-white I used to paint my resin piece with.  I mixed this up thoroughly and poured the off-white resin around the resin piece inside the bezel (see picture below).

 4) I allowed the resin to cure and painted the flowers & details of the calavera (skull) face using the ColorBox Crafters.  This paint is particularly nice because of the colors and tiny paint tip applicator.  It dries best on porous things, & when painted on the resin it doesn't cure fully, but I sprayed on some clear acrylic sealer (Krylon) and it took care of that for me:)

5) Once the sealer was dry, I mixed up a batch of ICE Resin and with a paint brush, covered the the piece fully with a coat of clear resin.  It seals it all off perfectly.

6) With 22g wire, I wire wrapped beads and rhinestone rondelles together, added chain & a toggle closure - and that was that!!

 Project Two: Shabby Jewelry Shelf

Walnut Hollow Scalloped Shelf (5in x 17in x 43.1cm)
Paint (acrylic is ok) - I used Annie Sloan Chalkboard Paint
Annie Sloan Wax (brown) - totally optional
Printed Image (ink jet is just fine)
Matte Medium (I used Claudine Hellmuth)
Magic Eraser (cleaning spounge)
Sandpaper or Block - optional
Hardware (hooks & saw tooth hanger)


1) Paint one or two coats (up to you) of your preferred paint color on the shelf - allow to dry fully.  You can totally use acyrlic paints, but I just had to bust into my chalkboard paint, cuz I looooove the colors

2) While the paint is curing, print out your preferred picture, but be sure to reverse the image, so your words print out backwards.  When we transfer it late, the words will come out correct - you'll see.

3) Cut out your pictures/words and decide where you'd like them to be permanently.  Paint over the image/words with matte medium and glue it face down to the shelf.  *TIP* Do NOT paint on the back of the paper like you're decoupaging.  Allow this to dry fully (about 20 to 30 minutes- and yes you can speed up the dry time with a Heat Tool).

4) With a Magic Eraser, gently wet the paper thoroughly (not drenching).  Then begin, in a small and very gentle circular motion, to remove the paper.  It will begin to pulp up  and simply brush away the crumbs from that.  Continue this motion until all paper is removed and all that is left is your image/words.  - I made a little video so you could see this technique (excuse the heavy breathing, I'm getting over a cold, lol).

 5) Once the surface of the shelf has dried, sand the corner, edges (whatever you want) to achieve that old weathered look.  Wipe off all powder from sanding.

6) Using Annie Sloan's Soft Wax in brown, apply and rub in/off of the painted surface.  I cover the entire thing, and it gifts the most awesome effect of old weathered wood. Wipe off excess and allow to dry.

This is how the piece should look with the wax/stain finish

 7) Once dry, you can add the hardware.

Once all hardware has been added, you're all set!  I just loved how this came out, and decided to do my tray the same way!  Continue on the see it!

 Project 3: Shabby Tray

...and all the same supplies as the above technique.

1) Follow all the instructions from the above tutorial to achieve the same look with the tray.

2) Once the wax was dry - about an hour, use two full syringes of ICE Resin, or 4 tablespoons of bottle A & 4 tablespoons of bottle B in a large Dixie cup - mix thoroughly.

3) Place your tray on a large garbage bag, and pour all of the resin onto the tray surface.  I used a foam brush to push the resin around.

Project 4: Day of the Dead Sign

Walnut Hollow Wood Sign
ICE Resin
Day of the Dead Mold
The Crafters Workshop Stencil - Mystic Letters TCW27
Acrylic Paint - Brown & Off-White
Americana Weathered Wood Crackle Medium
Hot Glue Gun, Liquid Nails or Wood Glue


1)  Begin by painting your sign brown

2) Once dry, paint a generous coat of weathered wood crackle medium on.  
3) Following the instructions on appropriate dry time, apply the off-white paint on top of crackle medium.
4) Once dry, you should see the crackled effect take place
While the sign is drying, mix up resin and pour into the three of the chosen molds - allow to cure
5) While resin cures, stencil in Dia de los Muertos onto your sign, and allow to dry fully.

6) Once resin is cured, paint the resin pieces brown - allow to dry
7)With your finger, blot on the off-white pain

t on all raised areas - dry
8) With a strong adhesive adhere the resin faces to the sign - and voile your done!

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