Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tina Haller - Party and Artsy Workshop

Tina Haller's Clay Shadowbox workshop was just delightful!  She shared such wonderful techniques on how to work with clay, how to create the designs and textures, how to manipulate and shape, it was fun. We had vintage paper flowers, tinsel, chandelier crystals, all sorts of filigree I've never even seen before.  And I'm always so pleasantly surprised how beautiful the class projects come out.  The girls all get the same bits, and yet they all look so different, it's clearly magic!  I participated in class too, and no one was surprised to see that I incorporated my calavera into my little shadowbox.  How predictable I am!  It was lovely to play. And let us not forget, we were celebrating a special birthday of a cherished friend, Linda!  So we popped a bottle of pink bubbly...HELLO it was good!

So, the night was perfection!  And Tina had so much fun teaching, that she'll be back again in the Spring for an Easter workshop.  We'll be making one of her clay figurines and an Easter banner for this workshop.  And if you're wondering where the paypal button is for this's coming soon.  As usual, there are only 13 seats available, so once it's up, grab your spot ASAP.

Until next time...Ta Ta for Now!


  1. Thanks Riki!!! It would be delightful to have you some time too! Happy New Year!!