Monday, November 5, 2012

Sewing R Us

Anyone who knows me, knows I've had this dark history with sewing.  And if you've been following me recently, you'll know that I'm steadily conquering my fear of it.  And I'm really quite happy about it, as I've always wanted to sew.  I've long admired the stitches and projects of all my friends, and so wished that could be me.  Well, I'm here to tell you...I'm so kicking this sewing monsters butt!  I was inspired by this killer table cloth I saw in a high end boutique, for wayyyyy to much money.  I went home and literally within an hour had the same tablecloth (minus a few pleats).  It was so gratifying, and I felt so proud of myself!  So if there's something you're scared to do, start hacking away at that wall of fear, and knock it can do it! On the left is the painfully expensive table cloth & on the right is mine. Whoohoo. BTW, I know my table needs pressing, teehee.


  The purpose of having the tablecloth, is for me to have a pretty table display when I do jewelry shows.  I've been doing about 4 a year, so I figured, it's about time for me to make a small investment in making the display purrrdy.  I was just vending at a show this weekend, at the lovely Scrapbook stuff.  I got to use my new handy dandy tablecloth, which I adorned with 1ft large burlap and canvas flowers.  Note to self, loosen the tension when sewing machine didn't like that very much.  Side note, I did arm my machine with a leather needle and upholstery thread, so I was at least in the right direction.   Here are some pics from this weekends show.
...a little blurry, but you get the idea, it's me.

The sooo cute Sonia Vasudeva, selling her truly precious paper crafted items.

In the back, the cutie with white top, is Jehn Buchanan.  She makes the most adorable shabby furniture & cards.  Talk about one active Momma, she works full time, has a kiddo and helps her hubby with their photography business.

Another "aha" moment, was carrying my display boards, with jewelry pinned oh so carefully to it.  I was freaking out that I was going to drop pieces, bump or damage was rough. I don't know how my amazing traveling teacher friends do this while boarding airplanes etc.  You guys are rock stars for sure!  So the whole point of my babbling, I decided to sew myself display case covers.  I still have to sew on a sturdy strap, attach a snap and iron on my iron on transfer...but the bag is done.  Pretty handy man!

So, I'm one happy camper, and I think this sewing machine thing is going to be another looove for sure.  Ah yes, all the fabulous skills to add to our crafty arsenals...<happy sigh>.

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