Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Charm Swap - ARRIVED!

 So, I shared a couple posts back, that I was participating in a Halloween charm swap, which Thespa McLaughlin of Vintiquities was hosting. We sent in our handmade goodies, and I just got my lovely package in the mail!!! Too cool, I just loved being a part of this. I wish I could do them more often, cuz they are just a blast! So many great little creations & ideas lovingly put into these little bits of goodness. Here are a few up close shots...
Thank you allllll for these! I can't wait to customize a special necklace to showcase your many talents!

Simply Spooktacular Ladies! And a extra special thank you to you Thespa for putting this on!

Monday, October 1, 2012

What's New?!

This past weekend was a weekend of firsts for sure.

1)  I started and finished a sewing project by Judi Andersen (Vintage Banner)
2) I got new glasses
3) I started filming for ICE Resin Creative Team...getting ready for my first due dates.
4) I made rosettes using the sewing machine instead of a hot glue gun

...after years and years of living in fear of the sewing machine, I've been steadily conquering my demons.  I initially became fearful, after my instructor at Art Academy in SF scolded me for ruining my project.  Mind you they teach you how to sew on an industrial machine (yikes).  But with the support of my lovely friends, I'm loving it!  I even started and finished my second banner this afternoon (all by myself!),  just so I could have a cute banner for the Fall hanging on my mantel. Crazy huh!?!  Judi Andersen's kit was packed with all sorts of goodness.  If you've not yet taken any classes from her, you should, she typically teaches at Scrapbook Island.  I've taken one class and done the kit listed above, and they're just fabulous.

Ok, the glasses...yah, been having migraines, light sensitivity...a slew of lovely symptoms.  But got the glasses, they're really cute, but I'm struggling to get used to when I need them.  Of course I talked to my doctor, but this is still a different experience all together.  So, I cut off all my hair a few months ago, got glasses...maybe I should start to dye the hair too...and I'll have a new all together different look:P

Anywho, that's my day/weekend in a nut shell.  Hope you're having a fabulous day!