Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintiquities Halloween Charm Swap...progress made!

...Iron soldering still to do
Metal stamped & ICE Resin
Embossed, Torch soldered & Patina'd

I'm so excited with how my little charms are coming out for the Vintiquities Halloween charm swap. Our goal was to create 15 different Halloween charms or 3 sets of 5 charms. And I opted to do the latter. I've embossed brass, poured ICE Resin, torch soldered, iron soldered, wire wrapped, patina'd, sanded and metal stamped my heart out. And of course, I HAD to create cute little tags to go with the charms. I got these really cute tags at Michaels on clearance awhile back, and I simply stamped Halloween images on them.
Totally fun, and I cannot wait to see what Thespa sends us back...oooh, I think I'm going to do a charm necklace instead of a bracelet. Gotta show off all the fun stuff! I'll update the blog with the necklace when I'm done, or if I can't wait, I'll post a pic of the box when it arrives:P



  1. Truly Magnificent! Great Job!

  2. Those are so amazing! What a lucky group that will be receiving these precious goodies! I can't wait to see your Halloween charm necklace!

    1. Thanks Angela! I'll keep ya' posted. And you never, know, the Halloween Fairy might just have a couple of these for you too .

  3. I'm drooling...these are gorgeous, Lexi! I'm so happy that I'm part of the swap - any of these would be fun to get! I just finished mine up today. I wasn't sure if we were supposed to share them on our blogs yet but now that you have, I think I might too!

  4. Hello Kat! Thank you!!! They were so fun to make! I wasn't sure about posting them either, but I saw Thespa's on her page, assuming those were'nt last years. Lol. I can't wait to see yours too! What fun this is!!!!

  5. We girls are having SO much fun, aren't we??? This swap-box will be fun to receive because it's HALLOWEEN!!!!

  6. Oh yes, fun indeed! I can't wait for the box o' goodies to arrive with all the lovely charms:)))

  7. I'm lucky enough to of gotten one of yours.. Can't wait to see what everyone does..

  8. It'll be great to see if we all incorporate into projects or put on accessories!