Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bones in a Box or Matchbox Witchery

Last Call - 2 SPOTS left in Bones in a Box class tomorrow night.

Bones in a Box and Matchbox Witchery have quickly become two of my favorite holiday creations.  The really great thing about these precious shadowboxes, is that you can wear them or make them into home decor.  Totally versatile! Soldering 101 or soldering experience is a must for these cuties.

Kits are available for those of you who are not local - leave me a comment, and I'll make sure you're well on your way to making your very own Halloween shadowbox.

Happy Haunting!


  1. Such a Great project Lexi! Love this!

  2. Thank you Flutter Before You, they sure are fun to make;) and we both share a love of Halloween, so it's one more spooky decoration for our favorite holiday...teehee.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Robin! I just finished looking through your many beautiful pieces on FB...good night you make gorgeous jewelry!

  4. Hi lexi i just discovered you and your blog! Love it! Do you sell your kits or what? Congrats on the ice team i am a ice resin addict so i will be seeing ya'! aloha! angi in hana

    1. Hello Angi! And thank you for your sweet comment;) I'm so glad you enjoyed the blog. I do sell kits for this particular project, and if you wish I can set up a reserved listing for you on etsy:)