Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spoons and Resin - Inspiration of the week!

What a spoon full of sugar, indeed!
Oh that Gilding the Lily, I tell you I wish I were closer to them! What delicious classes they have.  I just found this gorgeous bracelet in which they used a spoon, resin and rhinestones. OMG, too stinkin' cute! So, this is my inspiration for the week, I'm gonna give it a try!

I'm thinking I'll use some of the pictures of my little man, they have a very vintage feel to them.  The fabulous Shannon Cline was the photographer we used. Can't wait!


  1. On my last visit to see my dad, he gave me a few pieces of my mom's old silverware so this is something I very much want to try too!
    What a beautiful example you show!

    1. Cindy, having one of your Mom's spoons made into a bracelet is just beautiful. I'd love to see your finished piece.

  2. Um...gorgeous! I want to try too! That is so beautiful! And you wouldn't waste any part of the could make a necklace out of the end of the handle, if you trm it off.

  3. Dede Warren is quite talented! Her design is so beautiful. I only wish I was closer, so I could take her class in person. I just finished bending my spoon and now I'm ready to add a pic and rhinestones. I think I'll use buttons and crystals with a lobster clasp to finish it off. Thank you Dede!!!