Thursday, July 26, 2012

Event at Ay Dios Mio

Rose Mendoza, owner of Ay Dios Mio hosted a "Girls Night Out" event Saturday July 21st. Rose and her family were so gracious, and she's been a huge supporter of mine! I'm so grateful to have formed this relationship. She gave us all gifts for coming...these sweet little Betsy Johnson cocktail rings with Sugar Skulls, a bit like the image below.

This store really is wonderful! Rose did an amazing job setting up shop and has an amazing selection of Mexican Folk Art items for sale.  I just love this store!  And really exciting, I actually have eleven pieces for sale here...this was the most exciting thing to happen to me as a jewelry artist yet!

I did an art trade with the amazing Cathy Ashworth of The Cat Box Art Studio. She liked my filigree bezel with oval skele guy under domed resin. And so it was, she took that one, and I took one of her AMAZING paintings. I was so smitten, that I actually purchased an additional one too. I absolutely cannot wait to frame her beauties and put them up in the house.  Left, is a picture of Cathy in action...she was painting while the event was taking place.

The event was really popping.  There were roughly 250 to 300 people coming through.  Rose invited over 200 and San Pedro being the "It Spot", had people strolling through as well.
Two of the cuties from the show (left), are showing of their cute hairstyles and retro style. Behind them, is Ay Dios Mio, is this store not the cutest?  I have to admit, I was reeeeally nervous to do this. It really was my very first event, on my own. I set up an hour early and felt so relieved. I actually sold six pieces! So exciting! But the networking was amazing, and the women shopping were wonderful. Everyone was so supportive.

Here is a pic with me and my booth:)  I'm wearing the apron my honey bought me...boy was it helpful!  I started using "the square" , which allowed me to ring in credit card transactions right at the booth...and right ON MY PHONE!  Coolest gadgett ever!  I have the ability to either text or email a receipt too.  In setting up an account with the square, you have the opportunity to upload your logo and personal info, so the receipt looks all offiical...super fun!

...a full shot of the booth.  I swear, I'm totally hooked on photo edits right now.  The rays and rough edge are from a phone app called PS Express.  What an amazing first event!  I'm really proud of myself for not freaking out.  It's quite scary to get started doing this.  After the event, I even opened my store on etsy, The Shabby Calavera.  The ball was rolling, so I had to chase it right?!  And how cool, the first day I opened shop, I sold my first piece of jewelry!!!  I'm feeling overwhelmed with excitement...okay, I'm off to eat lunch and get ready for work.  The kiddo is snoozing, so I have a bit longer to relax.

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