Sunday, June 3, 2012

The lovely Lisa Guerin was in the studio today!  What an amazing collection she has!  And her kits, OOOOOH they are just delicious!  The ladies were on a stamping craze:D  The creations are really amazing. I'll have to post the finished pieces later tonight!
 These are some of Lisa's pieces....

 Oh this charlotte stamps...gotta get her!
 Shrinky Shrinky Shrinky Business going on here!
 Look at this work station!  Um hello, it's delicious, isn't it?!

 Peonies and these at Trader Joe's, the colors were magnificent!
 Lisa Guerin!  She's just fabulous!
 Lauren Gavin...she's regularly published in Somerset!  I love her stamping!
 My cherished friend Cindy <3
 Rita Bonita
 Mary Sue...knitter and quilter extraordinare!

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