Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Diane Cooks - Little Etched Book

Ok, so who doesn't get totally excited and inspired to see and flip through the pages of Belle Armoire?!  It's fabulous!  And when they have amazing projects like Diane Cooks - little etched book, we just have to try to make 'em.  So, in our little group of gals, we made these amazing little books...you think Diane would be proud?  Thank you Diane for coming up with such a sweet and inspiring project...you're wonderful!!! 

This was my first one...I went with the filigree
...my second one.  I looooooved the green and purple sari silk on this one!
lovely bits:P

Linda's beautiful burnt orange...ohhhh so pretty.

Debra - so cleverly tied sari silks up the chain.

Kelly added some vintage jewelry bits that looked so sweet....

...and then she wire wrapped crystal beads up the sari silk, lovely.

Mary Sue used that gorgeous blue sari silk...are these ladies amazing or what?!

Kelly did a totally different version, in which her little book opens!  She added patina and copper chain & jade beads. I'm in love with this piece!!!  Might just have to buy it from her:)

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